Property Finder

Our new service for those looking for a house (both to purchase or rent) to save time and make this experience less stressful and to allow those who have to move to another city to find the right house remotely.
If you go around in circles, finding the right house can be a hassle that drains time and energy. It’s a whole other story if you go straight to the goal, it could actually turn out to be a nice experience!

How it works

We have a chat to understand your wishes and needs. Then we turn our notes and insights into a commitment to select properties for you, including private homes, new buildings and real estate networks. In addition, we reach out to our network to find houses not yet on the market.

Why it works

You will be assigned a professional who will have as sole objective to find you the right house, while you get on with your life and think about something else (for example how to furnish it!).

We’ll take care of:

  • selecting a list of properties that match the profile of your ideal home
  • personally inspecting them so that we can provide you with all the necessary information
  • making a virtual tour of each property
  • arranging an online viewing for you
  • preparing a report with all the relevant information about the neighborhood

This way you’ll have all the info you need to evaluate options from the comfort of your own home – maybe in another city – and you’ll only view interesting properties.
And when we find the right place, we’ll continue to assist you all the way. We will work with the real estate agent or the homeowner and we will check the documentation of the house so that you can proceed with peace of mind.
Contact us for a free consultation.