The checklist to help you define your needs

  1. Location, location, location 
    Do you want to live close to work/school/family? Downtown or in the suburbs? Town or country? Don’t assume that the most popular areas are right for you. Try to visualize your life, in a year’s time, in a house you love: what do you want to find outside?
  2. Set a budget and stick to it
    Contact several banks or a broker to find out what’s the maximum mortgage you can get; once you know how much you can spend, we’ll start looking for the house that’s right for you without wasting time.
  3. Think about the future
    Now try to imagine your life five years from now: do you see yourself with kids? Are you gonna get a dog? Will you want to exercise without having to go to the gym? Or you might need a study. Ask yourself these two questions: is there anything you can’t live without?And is there anything you can give up instead?
  4. Remodel or turnkey home?
    It’s not just a matter of time and budget: do you want to enter a house ready for you or have you always been dreaming of renovating?
  5. Apartment or independent house? 
    Finding an independent house in Milan is difficult, but not impossible. If this is your dream, don’t give up before starting your search: we could surprise you!