Sell your house in Milan

Want to sell your house? We can help!

A tailor-made strategy

Your energy is important and should not be wasted: every house deserves a tailor-made sales strategy, to find the right buyer without having to make dozens of viewings.


For a safe sale and no nasty surprises: the buyer’s notary must work as little as possible.

The correct appraisal

Knowing the price of a house is the basis for the success of every sale. We know the local market and we use databases that allow us to verify our knowledge and find the right price for those who sell and those who buy.

The little touches

Preparing the house for a photoshoot and viewings is very important and is too often underestimated. A well appointed house leaves a good impression. For years, with home staging we have been making your home more beautiful in just a few hours, enhancing its positive features and potential even when it is in need of renovation.

Marketing your apartment

After staging your home, we think about marketing, with photo shoots, virtual viewings and videos. The first viewing today is online: we show your home to the right people.

Collaboration across networks

Selling under the best conditions and in the shortest possible time is our goal. That’s why we use Replat to share your offer with a group of agencies, at no extra cost. So that time on the market is reduced even further.

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