Sell your House in Milan

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Are you selling your home? A few simple steps to do it quickly:

Documentation analysis

Through a careful analysis of the documentation, we make sure that we can guarantee you a correct

sale without any surprises.

A personalized strategy

Through an in-depth analysis of the context and strengths of the property, we build a personalized strategy with you. We define the target and carefully select potential customers by identifying only highly motivated people.

The right assessment

Identifying the right price of a house is the key of the success. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the

real estate market in and around Milan, we are able to quickly define the price of a property.

Home Staging

Preparing the house for the best costumer experience is very important. A well-organized house leaves

a good impression and make the difference. Through simple actions we will make your home more

beautiful and reduce the sales time. To learn more click here. (link to home staging page)

The best offer communication in the real estate

We give a special attention to the presentation of your home, with photo shoots, virtual tours and

videos. With the support of the digital agencies, we promote web campaigns.

Real estate networks

Our goal is selling at the best conditions and in the shortest time. That's why we have chosen to

collaborate with a network of selected agencies with whom we share our portfolio. We will manage the

other agencies at no additional cost and the sales time will be reduced further.

All this and more. If you want to sell your house with us in Milan, write us filling out the form below: it is

easy and free.

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